Woman Breaks Out A Nasty Stiff Arm In The Stands Of A Game & Football Is Officially BACK

Fight at football game

There are 32 teams in the NFL, each with 53 men on the roster. That means that there are just under 1,700 professional football players in the league, and I’ll go ahead and say that I’ve never seen any of those 1,700 players lay down a devastating stiff arm like this woman did.

If I had to choose one player, I’d say that maybe the Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry has stiff armed someone like this, but he’s usually running forward with momentum. The woman in this video is standing completely still, then just puts up her arm and flings the other woman with ease.

With her left arm holding her cell phone up to her ear, she still has full range of motion with her right arm, and I’m guessing she’s right hand dominant. It would be scary if she had this kind of strength and power coiled up in her non-dominant arm.

Who knows what the topic of conversation was that prompted this world-class stiff arm, but whatever it was gave this woman “just-ate-spinach-Popeye” strength. One moment the woman is standing up right in the other woman’s face, and the next she’s flying through the air like a broken doll.

The two things I love most about the whole entire incident is 1) the woman just keeps talking on the phone like nothing even happened and 2) there seems to be a football game going on in the background, but every single person in the frame is looking towards the woman that just stiff-armed the other woman into the next county.

Seriously, just pause the clip right after it happens and look around at everyone’s faces. Even the people on the FIELD are turned around and locked in to what just went down in the stands. Surely theres a coach down on the sideline thinking:

“Holy smokes…someone get up there and see if she has any eligibility left, or if she’s available to coach up some players on how to properly and powerfully stiff arm people into the dirt.”

The video was posted with the caption “which NFL team signs her? that stiff arm was deadly,” and to be honest, I’m sure an NFL team out there could use her. Put her in as a running back or full back and she’s surely going to get you some yards after contact.

Throw her in on defense and she’ll launch someone off the damn field if she has to. Just imagine what could be capable of if she wasn’t also talking on the phone…

Take a look at this angle first:

Then enjoy this alternate angle which is basically the “director’s cut” version of the film, giving a little bit more of a backstory:

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