Evan Honer’s New Single “Mr. Meyers” Is A Must-Listen For Fans Of Sad Country Music

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Evan Honer

Evan Honer’s brand new single “Mr. Meyers” is a must-listen for fans of sad country music.

Everybody has found themselves in a situation where they ask someone in passing how they are, expecting a “good, how are you” reply of some sort, but instead end up getting the person’s life story and hearing all of their problems.

As unexpected as that can be, sometimes that person just really needs someone to talk to, and for whatever reason you were there at the right time.

Well, I’m not exactly sure that’s how this song was intended to be set, as one of those conversations, but that’s how I’ve interpreted this one, at least. Honer’s latest tune details a haunting conversation with an older man named Mr. Meyers who finds himself struggling with life following the passing away of his wife.

The lyrics start out a bit quirky and seemingly nonsensical, but by the time the hook comes around, this one will tear your heart right out.

Give it a listen for yourself here.

“I’m Mr. Meyers, how are things?
I like my coffee just plain
I’ll eat at our old diner every other week
But it never feels the same

Since the world took you away from me
I’ve been counting down the days
I think my doctor is a liar I’ve got something
‘Cause all I ever feel is pain
I couldn’t fathom life without you now I’m living it and
It’s worse than I thought”

Honer, who exploded onto the scene with a viral cover of Tyler Childers’ “Jersey Giant,” revealed earlier this week when announcing the single that he had been turned down from American Idol less than a year ago, which is quite humorous to look back on with the success he is having now.

“Less than a year ago I got three no’s on American Idol and Luke Bryan told me I should stick to diving

Today I hit 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify.
I still feel like I have no idea what I am doing but I am so lucky to be able to share my music and have people care about it. Thank you guys for sticking around and I say it all the time but it truly does mean the world

Also one of my favorite songs I’ve written comes out on Friday it’s called Mr. Meyers”

While we are still in the nascent stages of Honer’s budding career, the West Coast artist is proving to be a prolific songwriter and recorder, releasing his debut record West on I-10 back in April of this year, and keeping the pedal to the metal with three new singles since.

As his catalog continues to grow, and his innately impressive songwriting chops do the same, Evan Honer is bound to be a force on the country music scene for a while, so you may as well get on him early. See below for a few of my favorite songs of his to get you started.


“Too Far Gone”

“How Could I Ever”

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