Guy Catches Freaky Looking Pike That Is Missing Its Whole Top Lip

Northern pike with deformed head
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What is going on here?

This doesn’t even seem real, but you never know what you might pull up from beneath that surface.

That is what is great about fishing, the unknown. Getting outside is great to begin with but when you add water, there are a whole new realm of possibilities. The darkness of the depths and never knowing what may pop out at you leads an obsession for many, wondering what might be in the next cast.

These things all lead to great and lasting memories, that family and friends will always remember forever.

Northern pike are a popular sportfish around the world. Popular in the northern United States and Canada, as well as many parts of Europe, they can get massive in some places and average a fair size when they are adults. They can reach a max of 5 feet long and weigh over 60 pounds.

A fish like that isn’t one you will forget for a long while.

Large fish are always fun to catch, especially large fish with big teeth, but you still just never know what you might pull up from the water.

This fella (seemingly in Europe) came across a truly once-in-a-lifetime fish when out fishing some pike.

He hooked into a decent fish and got it in but something was seriously up with its face. Its whole top lip was just gone and completely healed over.

And I guess the fish must be eating fine if it is attacking fishing lures…

Some in the comments speculated that it was the result of hitting a boat propeller, others suggested that it was probably a genetic defect, maybe a Chernobyl fish, and of course, there were a few jokes about bass fisherman with wild hooksets ripping its face off.

A genetic defect seems most likely, however this big boy seems to be thriving.

Tough fish.

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