Texas Senator Ted Cruz Fell For The “Shark Swimming On Flooded Highway” Photo Amidst California Hurricane

Ted Cruz
Bad Lip Reading

In the modern age of social media, you’ve got to keep your head on a swivel if you don’t want to get fooled and look like an idiot.

You would think that a government official would double check their facts before jumping in on an internet conversation, but Texas senator Ted Cruz isn’t your average representative. With the rare hurricane that just hit California, flooding has been an issue for an area that doesn’t normally get a lot of rainfall.

So there have been a couple of real videos and pictures that have come out of the natural disaster that have turned some heads. One showed a Los Angeles street covered in ankle deep water, and another showed Dodger Stadium looking like an island due to the massive amount of rain that poured down in a matter of hours.

So that above video is real, but there has been a trend on social media since the rare storm hit of trying to fool people with fake pictures and videos.

Of course, the hurricane itself is no laughing matter and we hope that everyone out on the west coast is alright, but we just can’t help but enjoy some of the people being fooled by fake photos and videos of the hurricane’s aftermath.

One picture that was circulating on socials was what appeared to be a shark swimming down a flooded highway next to a car. If you stopped and thought about it, you’ve probably seen this picture before as it is usually brought out on social media during natural disasters.

That didn’t stop Senator Ted Cruz from falling for it though, and he reposted the picture from Barstool’s Big Cat saying:

As you can see by the community notes underneath the post, the actual image of the shark in the water is doctored, and often pops up trying to fool people on social media. Ol’ Ted Cruz was one of the people to be “fooled by the internet” on this one, and sent out another post attached to his above message saying:

You truly never know, and I guess our country’s leaders are so busy serving us that they don’t have time to fact check either. Happens to the best of us Ted. Try not to lose too much sleep about it…

On top of that fake shark picture, some even more outlandish videos have managed to fool some important figures and news accounts.

This clip below is from Universal Studio’s Studio Lot Tour, but it managed to briefly make people think that it was real and was happening in LA’s metro station:

Come on people…

After that one made rounds on social media, people started really “meme-ing” the whole thing and posted other videos of popular Universal Studios attractions saying that they actual, real-life things that were happening as a result of the California hurricane.

Such as this one from the Jaws ride:

And this one from a stunt show attraction:

Sometimes the internet is the best.

At least Ted Cruz didn’t fall for one of these videos…

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A beer bottle on a dock