Tua Tagovailoa Recites “Simple Playcall” To Media, Proving It’s A Miracle That QB’s Remember Playbooks Each Year

Tua Tagovailoa
Miami Dolphins

Learning a new language is one of the hardest tasks that an adult can do, and after watching this video, it seems like NFL quarterbacks basically have to do so each and every year.

The new Netflix documentary series Quarterback showed just how hard play callers have to work and study to remember their respective team’s extensive playbook. Watching this video below of Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa saying one of the team’s “simple play calls” just might make you respect football players a little bit more.

It’s really easy for all of us to sit on our couches and yell at our teams and their players, but not many of us probably realize how much work and preparation goes into each and every game. I’ve been guilty of being an “arm chair quarterback” from time to time, but now that I see the kind of gibberish quarterbacks have to remember just to call a “simple play,” I’ll probably yell at my TV a little less this year.

In the clip below, Tua is speaking to the media and the topic of play calling and playbooks comes up. Knowing that members of the media and fans at home probably don’t know how intricate their in-game huddles are, the Dolphins QB decided to play a little game with those that were asking him questions.

Tua looked out into the crowd and said:

“I can give you guys a play and then, if you guys want to repeat it after me as if you guys are in the huddle, you guys can. Alright, should I go once or twice? Once?

Alright we got ‘Northright clamp south fox H top pass 38 top gumby XP sweat,” let’s go. Anyone?”

A chorus of media members attempting to say the play back and slowly leaking confidence goes back towards Tua, who starts laughing knowing that he proved a point. Someone in the crowd says something that cracks him up, and he laughingly continues:

“Yeah, sounds like a pre-snap penalty to me, oh my gosh.”

So to all those people that watch on Sundays and say “I could have thrown that screen pass,” maybe you could have. But could you have called the play in the first place? Probably not.

Take a look at the hilarious back and forth below:

Here’s the full conversation:

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