Two Dachshunds Absolutely Thrash A Venomous Snake Then “Tug-Of-War” It In Half

dogs attack snake
Gustav Malan

This YouTube comment’s got me rolling.

“Never underestimate German engineering”

When you think of ferocious guard dogs, the typical breeds that come to mind are German shepherds, pit bulls, rottweilers, and other large dogs with a big old bite.

But I bet it would take quite a bit of time to come up with dachshunds.

Also known as a wiener or badger dog, these short legged, long bodied pups are absolutely some of the cutest canines out there, but it turns out they were actually bred to sniff out and hunt down ground burrowing animals. They’re known to be very loyal to their owners, but tend to be wary of strangers.

Granted, these guys may not do the best against a home intruder since they tend to weight only 16 to 32 pounds, but when it comes to eradicating potentially dangerous pests, they may just be your best choice.

Need an example? Let’s look at this video from South Africa.

There’s not many details on the encounter available, but according to the video owner, these two dachshunds happened upon a venomous snake in her aunt’s yard. There are numerous comments saying that the snake wasn’t venomous, but they also didn’t provide any more information on what species it might have been, so we’ll just trust the poster and assume the snake was dangerous.

That didn’t worry these two pups in the slightest and they displayed some incredible team work in getting rid of this nuisance.

One would grab the tail and whip it around, stunning it momentarily which allowed the other to grab ahold and give it a thrashing of it’s own. Eventually the poor snake is so worn out that it no longer fights back, which allows the two dogs to grab a hold of each end and start a brutal game of tug-of-war, which results in the snake being ripped in half.

My goodness, I was not prepared for the reality of what these dogs were about to unleash.

Put some respect on the wiener dog’s name.

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