Golfers Witness Stealthy Bobcat Snag A Rabbit Right Off The Course

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There golf course hazards are getting deadly…

Bobcats are known to roam just about everywhere in the US.

Being the most populous wild cat in North America, they live in a multitude of habitats that range from swamp lands to mountain ranges to suburban neighborhoods.

They are also ferocious hunters, taking out tons of creatures like rattlesnakes, baby alligators, ducks, and any number of small game animals.

While most bobcats tend to remain hidden in brush or at least the cover of night, sometimes we get a glimpse of how they operate in broad daylight, like this video taken on a golf course.

The bobcat is seen creeping on the fairway and scoping out a few rabbits that were hanging out off to the side. The bobcat starts approaching them cautiously, getting closer with small bounds and pauses, very similar to the gait of rabbits themselves, a crazy cool adaptation that allowed it to get within striking range without alerting the unsuspecting rabbit.

Once the bobcat got in range it was goodnight for the bunny, who barely even reacted before it was lights out and all over.

Talk about a fun day on the course with the boys though.

Get out in the sun, crush a few cold ones, smoke a cigar, and see a bobcat hunting up close and personal.

Hell of a Saturday if you ask me…

Bobcat Launches Surprise Attack On Some Ducks On The Golf Course

Bobcats are pretty incredible animals.

It is amazing to watch them hunt, and see firsthand, how quickly they can adapt to the environment when they find prey to go after. Using the land to their advantage, they sneak up and attack in a flash.

It’s pretty cool to witness, and definitely not something that everyone gets to see.

Especially, on the gold course…

TMZ says the video took place in Arizona and golfers playing a round noticed the bobcat in the sand trap. They quickly realized what the cat was up to, using the sharp hills as a vantage point. A flock of ducks were eating away, clearly unaware of what was coming.

A golfer in the video commented.

“Look at this… they don’t even know he’s there.”

The bobcat creeps around the sand looking for the perfect place to attack from.

In a split second, the cat tops the hill and somehow finds a new gear as it leaps and gets its claws into one of the ducks.

The golfers then make their way towards the Bobcat as it comes clearer into view, finishing off its kill and then takes off with its dinner to go.

One of the golfers has an all-time quote when talking to an animal. In the words of Stephen A. Smith…

“You a baaad man, that’s a bad man”

He is right though, you can’t help but agree as the bobcat runs out of view. That is indeed a bad, bad man.

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