Charles Wesley Godwin Spoke To The WVU Football Team And It Will Make You Want To Run Through A Brick Wall

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If that doesn’t get the boys fired up, nothing will.

Charles Wesley Godwin obviously has a way with words. He’s one of the best songwriters out there right now (and for my money he’s THE best, but then again I may be a little biased towards a fellow West Virginian).

He often sings about his family and his home state, telling stories that will transport you to West Virginia even if you’ve never set foot inside her beautiful mountains or deep coal mines.

But you don’t have to be from the Mountain State to appreciate the way CWG can paint a picture with his words.

You may not know, but growing up Charles had a different dream than the one that he’s achieving now: He actually wanted to play football for his hometown West Virginia University Mountaineers.

Unfortunately that didn’t work out – but fortunately for us, it led him down a different path, one where he’s now signed to a major record label, selling out venues all over the country, and gearing up to drop one of the most anticipated albums of 2023.

But that doesn’t mean his heart still isn’t out there on the football field when the Mountaineers suit up on Saturdays in the fall up there in Morgantown.

If you follow Charles on social media you know that he bleeds blue and gold and is a die-hard fan of his Mountaineers. His latest release, the Family Ties sampler, even has a song called “Cue Country Roads,” a phrase that’s a familiar victory cry for WVU fans after every win when John Denver’s classic hit is played at Milan Puskar Stadium.

So Charles recently paid his beloved Mountaineers a visit, meeting with the football team during practice and giving them a little motivation ahead of kickoff here in just a few short weeks.

And if this one doesn’t get you fired up, regardless of what team you cheer for, you need to check your pulse.

Charles addressed the team about being picked 14th in the Big 12 preseason polls this year – dead last in the conference – and compared it to a certain festival where he felt disrespected too:

“I’ve made it to the pros in my chosen profession. I’ve gotten in very exclusive territory, and I guess what I’m just here to tell y’all is, a lot of people doubt you outside these facilities, outside this town, outside of this state, outside of your fanbase. A lot of folks are underestimating each and every one of y’all.

A couple years ago I played a festival in Kentucky that I felt very disrespected by. There was a few acts that were booked after me later that day, after me and my guys, that should not have been where they were. We were booked in the 2:20 slot in the afternoon. And I use that as a gift.

I took that as an opportunity to get my guys fired up before we stepped on stage every time for the next year. Every time we’d go out on stage, we needed nothing else but 2:20. That’s all we said. And we’d go out there, and we’ve become one of the best live acts in the country now.”

Yeah, Charles isn’t going to be playing the 2:20 slot at any festivals any time soon at this point.

He then reminded the team that they too have been disrespected by the preseason polls – but that should be all the motivation they need this season:

“Each and every one of you were exceptional at every level you’ve ever played at in your life. You’ve all won at every level you’ve played at. You guys have won championships, all-state, you’re going to be hall of famers at your high school.

They picked y’all 14th. They picked you 14th. They must have forgot who you are. 

You have the bodies, you have the speed, you have the physicality, and all you need is the mentality when you step on that field. There shouldn’t be anything else that needs said this year before you step on the field this year to get your absolute best other than ’14th.’

I know you guys are better than that. I believe in you. You guys are going to kill it, and I think you’re going to have one of the best seasons you’ve ever had in your life…

Them picking y’all 14th? That’s a Christmas gift right there. Open it up and pull it out before every game.”

PUT ME IN COACH, because I’m ready to run through a damn brick wall now.

Oh, and if WVU doesn’t play this song at Milan Puskar Stadium during their games this year, they’re doing it wrong.

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