This Guy Calmly Reviewing Scotch While His Wife Packs Her Sh*t To Divorce Him In The Background Is One Of The Best Videos On The Internet

Scotch review

Married to the game…but divorced from his wife.

This video was originally posted in 2015, but every now and then it goes viral again because this man is an absolute king.

He’s obviously going through it. As he admits in the intro, he’s going through a rough time as he’s breaking up with his wife Cindy. The house is in disarray and she packs her sh*t to leave him.

But the best way to get through it? Drink some scotch on the internet.

Our man pays no attention to Cindy as she’s in the background just boxing up her stuff. And at one point Cindy just leaves the house – but this guy can’t be bothered, giving her a quick “bye” as he jumps right back into reviewing his Laphroaig 10.

And since the review is obviously the most important thing going on in the video, what does he think of the scotch?

“I’ve liked Laphroaig since the first time I tried it. It’s peat, it’s smoke, some brine, some dirty socks in there. Fabulous stuff.”

Excuse me? Dirty socks? Sir, maybe you’re not in the right headspace to be reviewing scotch. (And full disclosure, I’ve tried Laphroaig 10 before, and it’s definitely not for me. Tasted a little like burning garbage, but then again all I really drink is Jack Daniels with the occasional Buffalo Trace or Weller thrown in when I want to get fancy).

Either way, this guy pulled an absolute power move, pushing through like nothing was happening to give the people what they wanted, despite his personal life falling apart quite literally around him.

Chin up, player. You got this.

Oh, and in an update, our man later revealed that him and Cindy are still on good terms: She made an appearance in the background of a recent video posted about a year ago, when he went on vacation to visit Cindy.

But he still made time on vacation to review scotch.

Can’t ever question his dedication.

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