Grizzly Bear Chases Black Bear Up A Tree For Trying To Steal A Meal  

Black bear vs grizzly
Colin DeBaie

The family reunion didn’t go as planned.

There are levels to these animals out there and black bears just aren’t on the same as grizzlies.

Black bears are smart and abled animals. These beasts can weigh as much as 600 pounds and can climb, run and tear up like the best of them.

Like all bears, black bears’ whole lives revolve around getting food as easily as possible. They will eat anything they can, from grass to garbage and rotting animals. As long as it has calories, they don’t care and will eat it.

Grizzly bears are just a larger, stronger and more dangerous black bear. They can weigh north of 1,000 pounds and average a lot larger compared to black bears. They have a stronger bite, they are faster and have larger paws and claws.

Grizzly bears are a lot more aggressive and actively defend their territory and food.

This black bear was trying to get an easy meal but came to a roadblock; a big ol’ grizzly bear.

Bears are funny though, they will keep trying just to see if it is possible to get the food.

The black bear is seen up in a tree as the grizzly pushed him up there and away from his area. As the black bear tries to come down, the grizzly just keeps chasing him back up.

The black bear knows it has no chance and keeps up and away from the bear but is unable to get down and run.

The man watching it all go down explained the situation:

“So today I had the most amazing wildlife encounter.

I was driving a bus full of people on the David Thompson highway in Alberta, Canada and got stopped for an hour due to a motorcycle accident that happened when a biker stopped to see a bear on the side of the road and was hit by another biker. (a lot of road rash and maybe some broken bones but they survived).

Turns out the little black bear was in the tree because a huge grizzly bear was at the bottom of the tree. It seems most likely that the black bear was never in any serious danger at all. The grizzly bear probably had a carcass (deer or elk) in the bushes and the black bear kept trying to get a piece for itself.

Of course, the grizzly bear was having none of it as you can see in the video. So, it turns out the grizzly was just keeping the black bear away from its food.”

That is some wild stuff to see.

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