Wild Fight Breaks Out In Las Vegas Hotel After Woman Catches Her Husband Cheating With OnlyFans Model

Danielle P fight las vegas

What happens in Vegas… becomes national news.

Whenever you go out to Las Vegas, you never know what you’ll see. I mean, they call it “Sin City” for a reason… there is just a different level of released inhibitions, vices around every corner. Something about stepping off a plane in Las Vegas let’s you know that it’s about to get wild.

And on the rare occasion, you may see some near half naked women getting into a fist fight.

That’s exactly what happened recently in Las Vegas, as two women dressed in some very revealing clothes got into an all out brawl that has since garnered viral attention.

According to Fox News, it all went down at the lavish Encore at Wynn Las Vegas Hotel right before 6 PM on July 9th.

And the reason?

One woman caught her husband cheating on her with an OnlyFans model.

The model was 24-year-old Danielle Pertusiello, and boy this fight had everything…

We got the good ol’ fashioned cat fight hair pulling, some wild shoe throwing, and some DEVASTATING punches. It even got so wild that Pertusiello’s miniskirt was pulled up, and her backside was exposed for the whole fight.

The model stated that she and her friend, 29-year-old Amanda Collado, were walking into the hotel bathroom after leaving a rooftop pool party, and that’s when she says they were both hit from behind in the back of their heads.

She also admitted that she had been sleeping with the married man, and it was the wife out seeking revenge.

However, security footage showed that the wife and her friend had only tapped the model and her friend on the shoulders when they walked into the casino. The two women turned around and immediately started throwing punches… and it was all asses and elbows after that.

When I say Vegas has everything, it literally has everything…

Check it out:

The woman with the large backside has been identified as model and OnlyFans star Danielle Pertusiello:

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