Florida Teen Charged With Wildlife Abuse After Chugging A Twisted Tea Held By A Baby Alligator

Alligator Teen

Man, the people down in Florida truly are different.

Just when I thought I’d officially seen it all, some news gets dropped about a “Florida man” or “Florida woman” doing some batsh*t insane nonsense, and my faith in humanity goes away again instantly.

With that being said, this is yet another first for me…

Because a Florida teen was caught on video chugging a Twisted Tea with a baby alligator in his hand, and I simply have no words.

According to WFLA, it all went down in Plant City, Florida, and the teen was sitting in a Hardee’s parking lot.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission caught wind of the video that was going viral on social media, where you can see the baby gator biting down on the 24 0z. Twisted Tea.

The FWC told the outlet:

“The lack of respect and responsibility shown toward this animal was disappointing to see… this serves as a strong reminder of the consequences of such behavior.”

And the even worse part about the video, is that the teen proceeds to carelessly drop the gator straight to the ground.

Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation president Vernon Yates told the outlet:

“I could see multiple things in there that are just wrong. Wrong possession of it (and) wrong to just drop it on the pavement like that.

In my opinion, everyone they got on video that touched it needs to be brought in front of a judge, and then the judge needs to  take some serious points of views to use as an example.”

Vernon added that the gator was “not very lively,” saying it may have suffered more trauma than what the video showed:

“There’s got to be something better they could be doing with their time besides tormenting some poor little alligator.”

Luckily, the gator was retrieved unharmed and released into a retention pond.

But, as far as the teen caught in the video, he’s been criminally charged.

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