Man Finds A Turkey That Was Struck By Lightning While Roosted In A Tree

Turkey lightning strike

Well, that just happened…

The things you can see when you roam around in the woods. Nature is unpredictable and constantly amazing. A place the keeps the heart wanting more of it from the unexpected.

This always keeps me going around the next corner or up over that next hill… you just don’t know when or what you can come across out there.

Some of the craziest things you can see in the wild are when the story is fully laid out in front of you.

Lightning is a natural wonder of the world. Electric flashes shoot out of the sky and have the ability to jolt and set fire to anything it touches. Naturally, most animals are afraid when they hear thunder or notice the lightning flashes.

It is pretty rare for anything to get struck by lightning, but… it can happen.

And for an animal that lives in a tree for protection, the odds are slightly increased.

Turkeys roost in trees for protection for predators and the elements.

This man came across an amazing scene in the middle of the woods. He stumbled upon a big tree that was struck by lightning. The tree has burn marks wrapped around it from where the electric strike forced its way through the wood.

As the video follows the tree downwards, at the base lays a wild turkey that met his maker.


Nature is a harsh, harsh place for these creatures.

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