Court Docs Reveal Kevin Costner’s Luxurious Spending On Hunting, Golf, Spas & More

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For us regular folk, it’s really tough to imagine a lifestyle where you have so much money, you don’t know what to do with it.

But trust me, the folks in Hollywood find ways to spend it REAL fast.

Of course, Kevin Costner in the midst of a very public divorce from his wife of 19 years, Christine Baumgartner, and we’re finally getting a look into why she requested a whopping $250,000 in monthly child support.

And as the court documents are being revealed, we’re getting a look at Costner’s spending that has ultimately led to Baumgartner requesting $248,000 a month in support for her, the two’s sons Cayden (16) and Hayes (14), as well as their daughter Grace (13).

According to US Weekly, Costner reportedly makes nearly $20 million a year, and an estimated $1,537,000 a month as an actor and director.

Baumgartner listed their monthly expenses as over $550,000, and added she doesn’t have the funds to maintain their current lifestyle.

She listed the family’s yearly expenses in 2022, which, in addition to the purchase of a private jet, are as follows:

$830,000 on gifts

$238,000 on medical costs

$100,000 to gardeners and a ranch manager

$220,000 on her credit card

$22,000 on spa services

$34,000 on golf and club dues

$84,000 on household help

$64,000 on cleaning

$12,000 on hunting dues

$41,000 on food

$13,000 on a personal trainer.

$2 million to maintain Aspen property

$1.2 million spent on their beach house in Santa Barbara, California.

And it’s wild to think that Kevin can cover all of that with a few episodes of Yellowstone.

The court documents say:

“Christine understands that at some point in the future, she and the children will have to move out of the family home.

She cannot do so at this early stage of the case because she does not have sufficient funding to secure housing that will ensure the children can maintain similar standards of living in the parties’ respective homes.

Kevin has repeatedly ignored and attempted to deflect from the fact that fulfilling the children’s needs and maintaining their standard of living are paramount concerns within this issue.”

In the filing, Baumgartner noted that Costner has been paying off their expenses since their separation, but added:

“However, he has done a number of things to make it more difficult for me to pay for things, and there is no guarantee he will continue to pay these expenses going forward.

Thus far, Kevin has not been willing to commit to paying an appropriate amount of child support.

I have been willing to move out of the family home, but I cannot do so without support from Kevin.”

Needless to say, this divorce is going to put a hurtin’ on Costner’s wallet.

Good thing he’s got a 4-part western movie series (Horizon) in the works….

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