Polite Bear Fixes Fallen Traffic Cone Like A Gentleman

Bear traffic cone
The Epoch Times

There’s a popular saying that states “some people just want to watch the world burn.”

That might be true, but there are also plenty of us that just want things to go smoothly and will happily take care of both our society and our planet, and that sometimes means helping out when you don’t have to.

Like this brown bear did with this traffic cone.

When I tell you that this might be my favorite outdoor video that I’ve ever seen, I’m not saying that lightly. I had no idea that wild animals had any interest in helping society function as it is supposed to, but this bear has opened up my perspective on everything.

If you would have told me “hey, check out this video with a wild bear and a traffic cone,” I would have assumed that it either knocked it over, took bites of it and ripped it apart, or accidentally got it stuck on its head.

None of those things happen, and as surprising as those things would have been by themselves, what actually happens in the clip is ten times more interesting than those possible interactions.

Here’s the thing about this bear footage:

-The video implies that the bear knows how the cone is supposed to be and serves a purpose, considering it could have walked past it but instead decided to interact with it.

-Also suggests that the bear’s decision making is morally driven, since the creature didn’t have to fix the cone, but did so anyways. Who says that bears don’t have a moral compass?

-This clearly doesn’t seem like the animal made a mistake, because the bear accomplishes the task of returning the cone to its upright position, then promptly moves on with its day.

I’m genuinely shocked by this video, and would love to have more information on this bear. Has it fixed a cone before this? Has the bear repeated the action and fixed another cone that has fallen over?

I’ve got a ton of questions, but for now, I’ll just appreciate this polite bear doing a commonly un-thanked job. Animals have been known to be trained to do certain tasks, but I think this particular bear is just naturally doing the right thing.

Take a look:

I think we can all learn a little bit from this brown bear.

If it can take some time out of its day to fix a traffic cone, we can pick up that random piece of garbage at the park and find a proper trash receptacle.

Twitter users could not believe the polite bear’s actions either, saying:

Wholeheartedly agree with that last tweet.

Someone give this bear a proper Park Ranger badge as soon as possible.

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