Twisted Tea’s 169-Ounce “Party Pouch” Is Sure To Bring The Hangovers Like Never Before

Twisted Tea

Everyone’s favorite hard iced tea brand just changed the game.

Or they really just changed the way they packaged their particular product, but nonetheless, this 169 ounce “Party Pouch” is sure to be a crowd pleaser when it is consumed, and likely cursed at and blamed the morning after.

I can imagine me waking up the morning after I downed one of these bad boys with some friends, holding my head in pain and shaking my other fist at the sky saying:

“Damn you Twisted Tea Party Pouch! When I drank you in cans, I could more easily track how much I was putting down, but now with this ‘adult Capri Sun’ bag, my cutoff limit is as blurred as my vision.”

Honestly, I probably wouldn’t be able to form that complex of a statement if I just powered through one (or maybe two) of the party pouches, but you get what I’m saying.

I’d most likely still be able to shake my fist in anger at the Heavens for bringing this Twisted Tea creation to life though.

You might just be seeing this new product of Twisted Tea’s for the first time on social media, and that is perfectly fine. Now you’ll know to be on the lookout for the yellow cardboard box with the plastic bag full of hard iced tea in it.

And if you are still not entirely sure what the Twisted Tea “Party Pouch” is, allow the company’s very own description from their website enlighten you:

“Slap it, pass it, pour it, crush it… the directions are right on the box. A whopping 169oz (the same as 14 regular teas) of refreshing hard iced tea with a convenient spout to keep the good times flowing.”

Slap it, pass it, pour it, crush it…where have I heard something like that before? Oh yes, the children’s board game “Bop-It,” which I guess you could play during a get together as you and your friends all become “three sheets to the wind” as you crush (or pour, slap, or pass) the Twisted Tea “Party Pouch.”

As of right now, the only size for the bag is five liters, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Twisted Tea continue to turn it up a notch. Twisted Tea, if you are listening, feel free to latch on to any of these additional larger-sized ideas:

-The Twisted Tea Super Sized Party Pouch: Triple the Liters, Triple the Fun

-The Twisted Tea Party Keg: 50 Liters of Pure, No Nonsense, Semi-Freshly Brewed Hard Iced Tea

-The Twisted Tea 55 Gallon Barrel Drum: Roll It On In, and Turn It On Up

Really the only idea here with these three things is to get as much Twisted Tea as possible into one, party themed container.

Seems like those ideas would be “par for the course” for whoever runs the Twisted Tea twitter account, which is fantastic by the way. Just check out some of these social media masterpieces:

Throw out the marketing books, that is how you connect with and bring in customers: memes.

And just for the record, I just typed in “Twisted Tea Party Pouch near me.” Best of luck to the rest of you in tracking down your own hard iced tea party in a box.

Somebody tell Koe Wetzel…

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