Dumb Yellowstone Tourist Lucky She Didn’t Hurt Trying To Pet A Bison

Yellowstone woman tries to pet bison

What is wrong with (some) people nowadays?

There has been one singular phrase and mantra that I feel has ruined most, if not all, of human existence: “do it for the ‘Gram.”

For those that don’t understand that saying, it isn’t talking about doing nice things for your elderly grandmother. Instead, it’s about building “clout” on social media and sometimes pushing the limits or boundaries of a situation so that you can post about it on Instagram (or any of the other various social media websites).

This tourist at Yellowstone National Park appears to have been trying to “get that perfect angle” as she stood dangerously close to a resting bison.

These massive beasts can weigh anywhere around 2,000 pounds and stand as high as six feet tall. All of that to say that if the wild animal wanted to make short work of this “touron” (combo of tourist and moron), it wouldn’t be hard for it to do so.

As the bison lays down in the field, the woman apparently walked right up to it and began to pet it and take pictures with it like it was someone’s English bulldog. She must not have seen some of the horror stories where people get too close to the bison and they are launched up in the air or even gored to death.

Whoever is taking the video of the unnecessarily stupid animal encounter can hardly keep from laughing at the occurrence. People were allegedly telling the woman to step away from the bison and to stop taking pictures, but the woman continued her ignorance arrogantly, even occasionally stopping to check the pictures and fix her hair.

I’ve got a feeling that the bison, who stay pretty calm throughout the whole thing, was thinking to itself:

“Am I really gonna have to launch this idiot?”

Boy, I wish it would’ve…

Not to the point where she was badly injured, but just to the point where she learned her lesson and never did this again. Or maybe even never stepped foot in another national park, that would probably be good too.

The caption of the unbelievable video states:

“Queen Touron of Yellowstone. Sighted at Biscuit Basin. She was trying to pet it. It was insane. Like inches.

Her arrogance was so infuriating. People were telling her to move away and she kept posing for like 10 minutes.”

God bless that bison for having so much patience and understanding when it could have easily “yeeted” that selfie-taking woman into the next county.

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