YouTube TV Will Allow “Unlimited Simultaneous Streams” Of NFL Sunday Ticket

NFL sunday ticket
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Are you ready for some football?

Excuse me for the all caps coming up in the second half of this sentence, but IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME. NFL Sunday Ticket has been a staple of the football fan’s viewing experience since its creation in 1994, allowing fans to lazily watch 7 straight hours of commercial free football.

However, there were always some downfalls to the “watch every game” experience, with the big one being that you could only ever watch or stream it on one singular device.

Looks like all the “heavenly football watching experience” had to do was get out from underneath the evil, never-really-caring DirectTV company.

Now that Google, who won a bidding war against Amazon and ESPN, has the rights to Sunday Ticket through YouTube TV, it seems as though the sky is the limit.

The first thing that Google decided to do was end the dumb, stupid, idiotic (can you tell I annually buy Sunday Ticket?) limitation on viewing via streaming. Owners of NFL Sunday Ticket now have access to unlimited simultaneous streams of NFL football.

And with the high price that YouTube TV is charging, I think it’s safe to say that myself and fans across the country were hoping that they would start throwing out some of these “perks” before its official release on YouTube TV. This one might justify the amount of money that the new owner of Sunday Ticket is choosing to charge.

If you happened to miss some of the price points that were released a couple of months ago, plopping down on your couch this fall and watching NFL Sunday Ticket will be a tad pricey.

This Tweet revealing the price guides back in April got a ton of attention:

“YouTube TV subscribers:

– $349/season ($249 if you purchase before June 6)

– $389 ($289 early) if you bundle with RedZone

Non-YouTube TV subscribers:

– $449/season ($349 early)

– $489 ($389 early) with RedZone”

As you can see, being a YouTube TV subscriber will help save some money, and customers will get a small break on the fee if you purchase before June 6th, but you better act fast.

Wait, why did I say that? I’m not employed by YouTube TV, Google, or the NFL…

Personally, I think the “Redzone” feature is essential to add on. The program switches games back and forth and shows only the most exciting parts and touchdown plays, and now that there are unlimited streams, users will be able to throw up “Redzone” on one TV and their game (or games) of choice on the other.

YouTube TV has also been workshopping their “multi-view” broadcast in hopes to put it to use during the NFL Season. They previously gave customers the option to watch a “multi-view” channel during college basketball’s March Madness.

However, as of right now, users cannot pick and choose which games and/or programs they want in the multi-view feature, but they hope to include that option at some point in the near future.

I started the article with a simple question of “are you ready for some football,” and now that I’ve talked about it for a bit, I can emphatically answer the question with a “HELL YES.”

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