Rumor Kevin Costner Got Someone On The Set Of ‘Yellowstone’ Pregnant Is Shut Down: “Total BS”

Kevin Costner Yellowstone

Earlier this month, it was announced that Kevin Costner will be officially done with the Yellowstone saga once season five ends.

The news came after months of rumors that the famed actor was exiting the show due to scheduling issues, as he and Taylor Sheridan couldn’t come to an agreement on the filming schedule, and he had his own western project, Horizon, to work on.

Once the news was official, more rumors began to swirl left and right.

With that being said, one of the wildest rumors that arose was that Costner was leaving because he got someone pregnant within the cast and crew of Yellowstone.

It also didn’t help that Costner’s wife of 18 years, Christine Baumgartner, filed for divorce seemingly out of nowhere, adding even more fuel to the fire.

However, those rumors have been shut down by a source close to Costner, calling it “total BS,” according to TMZ.

The source told the outlet:

“Circumstances beyond his control have transpired which have resulted in Mr. Costner having to participate in a dissolution of marriage action.”

The source also added that he had no prior warning to the divorce, and is still in the dark. In her divorce docs, Christine lists the date of separation as last month.

Sources close to Costner’s situation have claimed that Costner spending to much time working and not enough with his wife and family were the reason for the divorce. And with Horizon in the works, a 4-part film series that Costner co-wrote, produced, directed and is starring in, it doesn’t sound like he’ll have any time for family anytime soon.

The two have three kids together, and are seeking joint custody.

Another rumor suggested that Wes Bentley, who plays Jamie Dutton, got a woman on set pregnant, however there is no proof to substantiate that rumor either.

It’s still unclear when Yellowstone season 5 is set to return, but hopefully… it’s this year.

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