John Baumann Previews Upcoming Album With New Single, “Gold El Camino”

John Baumann country music
Carley Du Menil

A new album is on the way from Texas troubadour and Panhandler John Baumann, and its spectacular second single hit streaming platforms today.

“Gold El Camino,” the lead off track on Baumann’s forthcoming record Border Radio, is a feel good ode to the classic Chevy truck and will have you cruising with the windows down in no time. And if not, Baumann’s vivid lyricism will definitely paint the scene to take you there in your mind.

Check it out here:

While one of the Lone Star state’s best songwriters, Baumann tends to fly under the radar a bit, but recently found himself in country music news as his van was stolen from the spot where he kept it when not on the road in Austin, TX. And despite the van still missing, I believe, Baumann has bounced back with the resiliency one might expect from a Texas artist and continued to tour, and of course, release new music.

With the first single off of his upcoming album out in the world, the anticipation is beginning to set in for Baumann’s fourth full length record, and first since 2020. Set to be released on October 6, his Border Radio project will feature nine songs, including “Gold El Camino,” and the debut single he released back in December, “South Texas Tradition.”

John shared a taste of what fans can expect from Border Stories.

“I hope the listener can transport themselves out of their lives and go somewhere else in a cinematic way. I hope listening to this album is like going to the movies. This album is about experiencing something else, somewhere else.”

If “Gold El Camino” and “South Texas Tradition” are any indication, then I think Border Radio will do exactly that, transporting listeners to a specific time and place found only in the lyrics of his music.

I tell you what, I’m excited for this one.

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