Hungry Bobcat Attacks Turkey Hunter In Virginia


It isn’t ever good when you go out to hunt and then you become the thing that is being hunted…

A man in Massachusetts went out into the woods to turkey hunt, and though he might not have come home with a prized trophy, he did manage to come home with quite the scary story.

Officers in the area of the community of Monson, Massachusetts issued a warning after the attack occurred on April 6th, and according to the police department in Monson (MPD), the violent wild cat is still at large in the area.

The Monson Police Department utilized their Facebook page to send out a message to residents in the area warning of the bobcat attack and its potential location:

“Environmental and Monson Police officers conducted a search of the area described by the victim but were unable to locate the bobcat.
Persons walking/hiking the area should remain vigilant and call 9-1-1 if anyone encounters a bobcat acting suspiciously.
Persons walking the Conant Brook Dam property should avoid the trails in the vicinity of East Hill Rd after an aggressive bobcat attacked an individual a short time ago. Environmental Police are responding to try to locate the bobcat to check for signs of rabies.”

Bobcats are known to usually hunt down turkeys, which may lend a reason as to why this cat attacked the hunter if he had been using a turkey call (or if he had a decoy nearby).

Though the hunter did not have a camera shooting the attack, there have been many encounters that have been caught on tape over the years, such as this one from Virginia.

The suspense-building video shows the bobcat prowling through the woods for the first minute or so before finally pouncing on the hunter. For a matter of seconds, the bobcat locked eyes with the man holding the camera, possibly unsure of what it was about to attack or thinking if it should even attack at all.

The bobcat eventually pounces viciously, and the camera points up to the leaves of the trees as the hunter screams. It appears that the yelling scares the bobcat away as the video pans back down to the ground to catch the wild animal fleeing the scene.

The scary footage probably gives a pretty good insight as to what the Massachusetts hunter experienced only a couple of days ago.

Take a look:

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