Eager Bobcat Fooled By Turkey Decoy

Bobcat turkey

Turkey season is always an exciting time of the year for hunters, but this bobcat might have mixed feelings about it.

A bobcat was wandering its way around the woods and stopped in its tracks when it saw this turkey decoy.

The wild cat thought that this would be the easiest meal it’s ever tracked down, until it ultimately wasn’t.

Turkey decoys are vital for hunting the large birds and usually attract other “Toms” and “Jakes” to certain areas.

Both hens and jakes can be used as decoys, with hens attracting turkeys by attraction and jakes attracting other male turkeys due to jealousy or territorial reasons.

Apparently it can also attract bobcats, because this wild cat fell hook, line, and sinker for this decoy.

The angle of the video is phenomenal and shows the cat slowly creeping up on the decoy. As still as the bobcat is being, it must be surprised that the turkey isn’t moving an inch.

I wonder if the bobcat was thinking “why the hell isn’t this turkey running away?”

After stealthily approaching the turkey decoy and moving into a breach of sunlight in the woods, the bobcat finally decides to “pull the trigger” and pounces on the turkey decoy.

It must’ve been surprised to find out that this particular turkey was made out of plastic. Must be similar to us humans when we accidentally bite into decorative fruit.

I can openly say that I once bit into an apple sitting in a bowl in someone’s kitchen that turned out to be plastic. Thankfully I didn’t have any damage to my teeth, and the experience allows me to relate to this deceived bobcat.

The video unfortunately cuts off there, but I would have loved to see the bobcat’s reaction after it was fooled by the decoy. I hope that it would have shown some sort of frustration, yet I hope it didn’t seek revenge on the hunter with the camera.

I’ll also say that the tackle was perfect NFL rulebook form. The bobcat didn’t lead with its head and led rather with its shoulder.

However, I’m not sure if a penalty flag would be thrown considering the bobcat came down on the turkey decoy with its full body weight.

You be the judge…

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