Kyle Busch Calls Corey LaJoie A “Pain In The D*ck To Race With” At Talladega For Being Tough To Pass The Week Before

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Kyle Busch was none too pleased with Corey LaJoie at Martinsville a couple Sundays ago.

And that frustration didn’t go unnoticed this past weekend at Talladega.

It all began when the Richard Childress Racing and Spire Motorsports drivers were fighting over some room at Martinsville.

During the race, LaJoie was telling Busch to stay off the rear left quarter panel of his car.

LaJoie explained the situation on his podcast, Stackin’ Pennies.

“Kyle (Busch) rolls to my left rear for like 22nd (position). He hits me, left rear quarter one time, I take, ‘Okay you’re racing Martinsville, you hit it but everybody did get around.’ Comes off the next corner, into my left rear again. Does it again, I’m like okay, three strikes, you’re out.

We roll into three and, he’s on my left rear quarter so I just hung a left. You don’t drive into my left rear four times and not expect to get a door.”

LaJoie’s comments turned heads, because Denny Hamlin was recently penalized by NASCAR for admitting on a podcast that he intentionally wrecked Ross Chastain – the same thing LaJoie admitted to doing.

And Busch had some harsh words for LaJoie while meeting with the media at Talladega.

According to Busch:

“He has been a pain in the d**k to race with and pass for years, just coming up and lapping him and things like that. Every time I’m around him, it’s like he tries an extra 20 percent harder to make sure I stay behind him.

He was fading, I was not that great, but I was just that much better than he was and he was running the top lane which was my lane and I tried to go to the bottom a couple of times and my car would not run the bottom.”

Yeah, I’d say “pain in the d**ck” is one way to put it. Busch also discussed how it was near impossible for the two not to meet due to how hard it is to pass at Martinsville.

You can check out Busch’s full comments below:

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