Matthew McConaughey Says Acting Again “Sounds Like A Vacation” Ahead Of Upcoming Yellowstone Role

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Although we still don’t have an exact time table on when production for the second half of season five of Yellowstone will start, we were hit with the exciting news recently that the rumored Matthew McConaughey spinoff series a full go.

It was initially reported that McConaughey may “replace” Costner in a separate spinoff series that would essentially continue the Yellowstone story without Costner. However, it has since been confirmed that McConaughey will have a leading role in Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone universe, regardless of what happens with Kevin Costner, AKA the Dutton family patriarch, John Dutton.

I mean c’mon, if there was anybody who hadn’t been involved with the show yet who deserved a spot, it was Mr. Alright Alright Alright himself.

From the southern accent, to the cool yet also badass charisma, it just felt like a matter of time before McConaughey somehow made his way into the world of Taylor Sheridan.

Of course, we don’t know any details on what the show will be about at this point, but the news itself is refreshing to hear, considering all of the negativity that has surrounded the show over the past couple of months.

My hunch is that he’ll be leading the highly-anticipated 6666’s Ranch series, one that has been talked about for a quite some time now. Being a native Texan, and the ranch being down in Texas, it sure makes a whole lot of sense. Not to mention a group led by Sheridan actually purchased the iconic 6666’s Ranch a while back, so it was only a matter of time before that project came to fruition.

With that being said, the 53-year-old famed actor has finally spoken out about his upcoming role, along with his comeback after his three year hiatus from acting on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast, and needless to say, he sounds excited.

The actor hasn’t made a big screen appearance since 2019’s The Gentlemen, as he was focused on his 2020 Greenlights memoir:

“The last few years I had a really wonderful time getting rid of a lot of those filters that come with acting.

 I am now becoming more interested in actually going to play another character in a movie or a TV show because all of the last four years of culminating and writing and getting these things together and getting more into some public service.

Now that I’m starting to dispatch those… it freed me up to go ‘The idea of going to act in the right role or the right movie, film or series right now, sounds like an awesome vacation.”

He added:

“What I have is so much respect for the vocation of acting. I think I have a healthier relationship. I’m not looking at it for my survival and my thrive-all.

I think good acting emulates life. Real life is where this stuff comes from… To go have some structure like, ‘I got a call time, I’ve got lines, I’ve got scenes, I’ve got a character’… That sounds like a vacation right now to me.”

And while he did take some time away from the camera, he confessed that his time away, and new perspective, will make him a better actor:

“I’ll be a different or improved actor in my own right after these last three years.”

On getting back behind the camera, ahead of his upcoming roll in Yellowstone, McConaughey said:

Lets get it going.

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