Zach Bryan’s “The Good I’ll Do” Featured During Masters Coverage

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Samuel Elkins

Zach Bryan and the Masters might just be the duo we never knew we needed.

While watching players wrap up their second rounds at the Masters Tournament on Saturday morning, I was surprised to notice that ESPN was playing the instrumental to Zach Bryan’s tune “The Good I’ll Do” occasionally as they transitioned from coverage into commercial breaks.

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Now, I don’t know who’s in charge of the music for the Masters broadcasts, but whoever thought to throw Zach Bryan’s “The Good I’ll Do” in there deserves a raise. I mean, the Masters is already the greatest sporting event of the year, in my humble opinion, and to pair it with some of the best country music out there is an absolute power move.

All of the accolades and praise have been a longtime coming for Zach Bryan, especially since the release of his third and biggest record to date, American Heartbreak in May 2022. While he was already on an impressive trajectory, the 34-track record catapulted him into unprecedented superstardom.

And now, luckily for all of his fans, his music is everywhere. Even at the Masters. I don’t think there are too many musicians out there who can have that claim to fame.

Even Zach, who admittedly is not much of a golfer, caught wind of the whole situation.

For anyone who hasn’t been paying attention to the Masters, the conditions have been less than ideal this week at Augusta National. On the coldest day in Masters history on Saturday, the world’s best golfers struggled through heavy rain and strong winds until the tournament suspended play for the remainder of the day.

But despite the gritty golf conditions, players have to find some solace in knowing “The Good I’ll Do” was making the rounds on TV, right?

Well, maybe not. But things are sure to get interesting today as the field attempts to cram a lot of golf into one day. Due to the inclement weather yesterday and Friday, players started at it early this morning to finish up their third rounds before diving right into the final round, some having to play as many as 30 holes today when it’s all said and done.

With Brooks Kopeka continuing to dominate, Jon Rahm right at his heels, and quite a few golfers behind them hoping they can make things interesting with some low rounds on the final day, the race to crown the 87th Masters champion is sure to be an entertaining one.

And if we’re lucky, we might even get to hear some more Zach Bryan on the podcast.

Cue “The Good I’ll Do.”

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