Kevin Costner Reveals The Rifle John Dutton Carries In Yellowstone Is The One His Father Gave Him As A Kid

Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner was recently awarded the PCQC 2023 Lifetime Sportsman Award, and during his acceptance speech, he let a rather interesting fact about Yellowstone slip.

Costner was recognized at the event for his passion for hunting and his many contributions to the sport, but his hit Paramount series stole the show towards the end of the speech.

The two-time Academy Award winner spent most of the acceptance speech discussing his love for hunting and how important his father was in instilling that love in him. He briefly touched on how a shotgun that was given to him by his father set him on the “love for hunting” course for the rest of his life.

That very gun that Costner was gifted at the age of 12 by his father is cherished possession for the actor, so much so that it has stayed pretty close to him wherever he goes (hint, hint).

Costner wrapped up his speech with a meaningful anecdote about that gun that has been in his life and meant so much:

“I want to end tonight by reminding you of that 30-30 (rifle). The one that wasn’t really mine.

The one that disappeared. The one that got me into so much trouble.”

A clearly emotional Costner began to speak of the gun, one that instantly connects him to so many memories of his late parents:

“Both my parents passed away two years ago. They were 93 and they met in the 7th grade, so you can do the math on that one.

But that gun that was once so heavy that I couldn’t really hold on my own… passed into my hands. It came out of the attic.”

Costner paused to gather himself, which added to the heartfelt telling of the story, then continued with a fascinating revelation:

“I won’t say anymore except to say that if you watch Yellowstone closely, you’ll even see that the gun I was carrying in that field (as a kid) is the same one that goes in the scabbard on my horse.

That’s the very gun.”

Eagle-eyed Yellowstone viewers will now make sure to keep a look out for the gun in the show that has followed the 68 year old actor through his entire adult life. A very fun-fact for fans of the show, and a telling story about how life’s smallest moments can lead to such big things.

The entirety of Costner’s acceptance speech can be seen here:

If you go back and rewatch old episodes, you may accidentally find yourself bringing to life the “Leonardo DiCaprio Pointing Meme” when you see the holstered rifle.

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