Angry Bobcat Pounces At Hiding Hunters In Heart-Pounding Video


The caption of this Instagram video hits the nail right on the head:

“Not a spot I’d want to be in.”

That’s exactly right. File “keeping a sheet of plywood between you and a wild bobcat and depending on that thin piece of wood for your safety and well being” underneath the “Non Ideal Situations” folder.

There’s not much to this video, but it is still a terrifying circumstance. It appears that a hunter (or maybe two hunters, it is tough to tell) was walking in the woods near their source of transportation when a bobcat suddenly approached them.

Forced to be resourceful, the hunter picks up a thin sheet of wood in an attempt to shield themselves from the sharp claws of the bobcat. I mean just take a look at those “talons” that this wild cat possesses. Those things would tear you up like a paper shredder.

The “thin sheet of wood shield” seems to be doing the trick at first, but then the bobcat gets resourceful itself. I imagine it thought something like “can’t go through it, can’t go under it, and can’t go around it, guess I’ll go over it.”

The bobcat releases a terrifying growl and leaps up at the hunter and over the board. Unfortunately, this is where the video ends as the hunter shrieks in fear, so we don’t know how the whole thing actually unfolds.

Watch the bobcat show off its hops in the Instagram link below:

I’m assuming the person videoing the whole thing is probably okay considering that they posted the video. I doubt the person got mauled and then said “well I’m in incredible pain, but the millions of clicks and views will make me feel better.”

Now that I think about it, in this day and age, that could easily be the case.

Some comments below the video were almost as funny as the video itself:

“I’m going home with a badass pair of Bobcat slippers that day!”

“Glockamolee through the plywood.”

“Idk about anyone else but I heard an idle that sounded great.”

I’m glad someone else noticed the ATV idling in the background as well. Such a pleasant sound in this chaotic video. That’s why I mentioned earlier in the article that the hunter(s) was at least close to their getaway vehicle during this wild animal encounter.

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