Chris Stapleton & Epiphone Team Up For Signature “Frontier Guitar” And It Looks Beautiful

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Chris Stapleton knows a thing or two about playing guitars, and after seeing the new “Epiphone Chris Stapleton Frontier” edition, he knows how to craft an artful 6-string as well.

The 150th anniversary of Epiphone takes place in 2023, and the world class guitar and musical instrument creator knew exactly how to celebrate.

The new partnership between the Kentucky-native and Epiphone is kicked off with this “rare acoustic guitar” called the Chris Stapleton Frontier, a fitting name for the instrument as Stapleton and Epiphone embark in their new partnership.

In the press release that Epiphone made public, both the guitar company and the 8-time Grammy Award winner were very complimentary of one another. Vice President of Cultural Influence at Epiphone, Beth Heidt, had this to say about Stapleton’s impact:

“It’s an honor to have Chris join our family as a signature artist to represent and celebrate the 150th anniversary of Epiphone. He continues to inspire and push boundaries through his incredible artistry.”

The feeling was mutual, as Stapleton spoke about his excitement to be an ambassador for Epiphone as well as his admiration for the guitar itself:

“Epiphone has done an incredible job of getting every detail as it should be on this instrument, and I can tell you firsthand it’s stage worthy and will get the job done at any venue you want to play in. It’s a work of art that does the work.”

The guitar’s design stands as a perfect example of an artist’s reflection in their artwork.

The acoustic instrument is hand crafted in a historic Gibson Acoustic factory located in Bozeman, Montana. The attention to detail is apparent, and the personal touch on each one will lead to only 300 guitars available during its special limited-edition run.

Epiphone has long been known for crafting innovative guitars, and this new partnership with Stapleton follows suit.

An interview about the partnership with Chris Stapleton can be watched below:

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