Aggressive Group Of Hippos Attack Lone Lion Sitting On A Rock


Finally, we see on film the scene that inspired the classic “Hungry, Hungry Hippos” board game. Unlike in the game where the hippos go after board game pieces, the wild hippos in this video were after an unlucky lion.

Believe it or not, hippos are actually some of the most dangerous animals in the world, killing about 500 people around the world each year. Native to sub-Saharan Africa, these semiaquatic beasts weigh in at a massive average of about 3,000 pounds.

They have been known to be very aggressive, ramming and even capsizing boats, and they have also been known to attack people on land, and then use their size and strength to drag them into the water and drown them.

That being said, hippos are primarily grazing herbivores and rarely eat meat… so basically they’re just mean as  hell.

The footage was captured within Kruger National Park, and the though the river was filled with lions and hippos in the video, the body of water is actually named the Crocodile River.

Luckily for the lion there were no crocodiles simultaneously attacking, but the lion still had his hands (or paws) full.

As viewers, we are not sure how the Lion gets there in the first place since the video starts with the big cat already perched on the rock.

Steyn Jacobsen was the one who captured the rare battle on camera, and though the lion probably wished that it wasn’t stuck on the rock in that moment, I’m sure Jacobsen and the other witnesses were thrilled to be there to see it.

After the hippo lunged up on the rock the lion was sheltering on, the lion had no choice but to make a swim for it. The video shows the big cat leaping into the water after a brief encounter, leading to a good old fashioned swimming contest.

The lion was trying to summon his inner Michael Phelps as he swam for the safety of shore, and after paddling for his life, he made it out of the battle unscathed, but not before swimming right over the top of another submerged hippo.

It’s a bit surprising they don’t give chase, but perhaps they just wanted him off their rock.

We recently featured a surprising story about an aggressive zebra, but I think people are starting to see enough videos of hippo attacks now to know that these thousand pound beasts are nothing to mess with.

Since we are talking about hostile hippos, I thought I would save you the trouble of searching and share the most vicious hippo attack the world has ever seen.

Shield your eyes on this one though, it is pretty hard to watch:

Ok, don’t let this video fool you though. That thing, though incredibly adorable now, will grow up to be a stone cold killer.

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