Caddies Are Ripping Lips At The Players Championship


You can always find some time to cast a few lines, and for these PGA Tour caddies, a post-round fishing session was the perfect way to wind down at the Players Championship.

In golf, players do their best to avoid the water, but once the round was over, Ricky Romano and Brennan Little (caddies of Professional Golfers Ricky Fowler and Gary Woodland) couldn’t wait to hit the ponds and wet a line.

The pair of caddies managed to reel in what they guessed was around a 7-pound large mouth bass (looks more like 5 to me). The fish put up a fight as it emerged from the water, but once they got it off the hook, it made for a pretty memorable non-golf moment at TPC Sawgrass.

The massive size of the fish provoked comments in the video such as:

“That fish is pregnant, ay?”

“Fat as can be.”

From the many years that TPC Sawgrass has hosted the Players Championship, many golf fans were aware of the many golf balls that have found their watery graves around the iconic 17th hole’s Island Green.

However, I’m not sure anyone knew the ponds of the golf course housed such massive largemouth bass.

The Players Championship is currently underway and will conclude on Sunday. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the tournament not allowing its defending champion, Cameron Smith, to play in the tournament because he joined the LIV Golf Tour. A ban from the PGA Tour does not allow for those who have left for LIV Golf to play in PGA sanctioned events.

Funny enough, Smith told reporters that he would probably be passing time during the tournament by going fishing in the nearby area.

If the Players Championship was not going to let Smith play in the tournament, the LEAST they could do is save him some trouble and let him fish in the golf course’s ponds. Sounds like there might be loophole in the LIV Golf ban by the PGA Tour.

Looks like there are some pretty well-stocked ponds at the famous TPC Sawgrass, and with the amount of golf balls that splash into the water at the course, it would be hard to imagine that a fish hasn’t been hit by an errant golf shot.

Speaking of golf shots, check out this compilation (from last year’s tournament) of golf balls either being wonderfully struck or being hit into the water at the Players Championship.

If you are an average or struggling golfer, it might help with your confidence to see those who golf for a living finding the water on the 17th’s island green.

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A beer bottle on a dock