Twitter Goes Wild Over News About Shots Fired At Joe Mixon’s Home, Brought The Ja Morant Jokes

Joe Mixon
Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Man oh man, Joe Mixon is in hot water again.

A month ago, the Cincinnati Bengals running back was handed a misdemeanor aggravated menacing charge, but it was ultimately dropped.

And according to FOX 19, Sheriff’s Deputies in Hamilton County, Ohio showed up to Mixon’s doorstep early this morning after responding to a “shots fired” call at his home.

A juvenile in the home was taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries, although it’s still unclear how the juvenile was injured.

Deputies responded to the call around 8:30 PM last night, and they placed crime scene tape around the home at some point. There was at least one evidence marker in Mixon’s yard, as deputies extended the crime scene tape around his home around 11 PM.

A half hour later, deputies were seen banging on the running back’s door, identifying themselves and telling the homeowner to come out.

A law enforcement officer also showed up to the house with an envelope of documents around 1:30 AM, and several deputies entered the house minutes later. Three more deputies entered around 2 AM, carrying note-taking supplies.

The crime scene tape was taken down around 3:20 AM, and no arrests were made.

Of course, it’s uncertain what all went down last night, but it appears that there wasn’t enough evidence to make an arrest, and Mixon’s involvement in the incident is still unclear.

We don’t even know if he was home…

Of course, considering Mixon’s past involvement with guns, along with the fact that a juvenile was involved in this incident, Twitter went on a tear about the Bengals running back, especially after news broke recently about Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant waving a gun on his Instagram live:

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