Mike & The Moonpies Debut 3 New Songs For ‘Back Porch Session’

Mike Moonpies

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve heard some new music from Mike and the Moonpies.

Aside from their duet with Brit Taylor for “Lonely on Christmas” last year, we hadn’t gotten any new music from the Texas country powerhouse since their One to Grow On album, which was our #2 album of the year here at Whiskey Riff back in 2021.

However, we all knew that new music was inevitable here at some point from one of the hottest bands in the business.

And now, the time has come.

A few of the fellas met up with Garden & Gun for their “Back Porck Sessions,” featuring Harmeier on lead vocals, backed by acoustic guitar and dobro. The trio unveiled three brand new acoustic songs.

One titled “Redbird” for the time being, Harmeier says the song is about:

“A robbery that turns into a friendship”

The song almost has a bluegrass feel to it, as it’s about a conversation between a robber and a homeowner, which turns out to be unusually friendly. In fact, they end up watching football and drinking beer together.

The second is titled “Anywhere But Here,” and Harmeier admitted:

“All of these are brand new songs, I’ve been trying some new things, some exercises, and the faucet opened up a few weeks ago… so it’s like pre-production for a record, know what I mean?”

The song itself is about taking a much needed lonesome drive, and documenting his journey and thoughts.

Harmeier then gave a few tips on songwriting, from lessons he’s learned over the years:

“My thing is that I tell everybody is don’t throw anything away. I used to do that, and I’d just scrap things, ah man I’m not happy with this or whatever, and I wish I had some of those things I could revisit now.

I’m working on four or five things at a time you know, so never get rid of anything. You can always revisit, go back to it. It could be awful to you now, and five years later you go ‘Ah man that was brilliant, that’s exactly what I wanted to say.'”

And the last song is titled “Stubborn Son,” which is a certified twanger, and it’s all about a son who is struggling with his roots.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock