Cougar And Wolves Seen On Trail Camera Hunting A Herd Of Elk

Elk chased by wolves

Nothing like some awesome trail cam footage.

Wolves and cougars are two of the fiercest predators in all of North America.

Both are apex predators that are capable of hunting and taking down large prey, such as deer or elk.

Cougars are generally larger than wolves, with adult males weighing around 150-175 pounds, with the largest males getting up over 200. Mature wolves on the other hand, generally between 70 to 145 pounds. Cougars are known for their agility and stealth, which allows them to stalk and take down their prey with minimal noise. They are also solitary animals and tend to hunt alone.

Wolves, on the other hand, are known for their pack hunting and endurance. They work together as a group to track, stalk, and take down their prey. They are also known for being vocal animals, using a variety of calls to communicate with each other while hunting.

When it comes to tracking elk, both cougars and wolves have their own set of advantages. Cougars rely on their stealth and agility to stalk and take down their prey, while wolves rely on their pack hunting and endurance to track and take down elk.

This trail camera was set up in a great spot on a game trail.

It captures a whole herd of elk running by at full speed. The reason is quickly revealed as there is quickly a cougar walking along following their tracks in hopes of catching up.

But, it gets better. Another bull elk passes and then is followed up by a pack of wolves that are clearly tracking down the elk as they have their nose glued to the ground following the scent.

We might not see what happens next, but I have a feeling at least one of these predators came away with elk for a meal… if not right away, eventually.

It’s a wild world out there and I love to see everything I can that’s going on out there.

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