Kirby Smart’s National Championship Pump Up Speech Is One For The Ages: “This Sh*t Is Easy, Punish Their A**”

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Last night, we witnessed the most lopsided National Championship in college football history.

The Georgia Bulldogs put an absolute curb stomping on the TCU Horned Frogs (to say the least), by a final score of 65-7.

The game was only close for about two minutes, when TCU scored in the first quarter to make it 10-7, and then I’m pretty sure Georgia scored on every possession after that.

Of course, tons of people expected Georgia to win big, considering the Dawgs were better than TCU at pretty much every position on paper, but nobody could have predicted a blowout of biblical proportions like this…

BUT, then I discovered Georgia head coach Kirby Smart’s pregame speech, and then it all made sense.

Audio recordings were discovered of the moments leading up to the Dawgs running out on the field, and boy, this will light a fire inside of you.

You can hear Kirby say:

“Trust your preparation, you understand? Your ass is prepared for this sh*t, for f*ckin’ 365 days, I think about the f*ckers in that locker room. Think about getting our opportunity. All the sh*t you went through this week to get ready for this game, that’s when you pay the f*ckin’ price.

You go out there with energy, enthusiasm, ain’t nobody in this room should be cautious. Ain’t nobody in this room should be nervous about sh*t. Go out here, and f*ck their ass up. Don’t think about the scoreboard, don’t think about sh*t.

You think about knocking the sh*t out of ’em. Did you hear what FOX said on Monday? Well I sat in that f*ckin’ meeting, and wanted to play right then. Tore your sh*t up out here, two years ago. F*ck their sh*t up.

G*d damn pride and joy, tells me you f*ck these guys up. You play the right way. Go play the right way. You knock their ass off. You stay on the f*ckin’ ground.

You tackle the man with the ball. This sh*t’s easy. Look at the right sh*t. Punish their ass on offense, and kick their ass on special teams guys. It’s about who the f*ck we are. I believe in you. Let’s go.”

I mean MY GOD. Tell my you wouldn’t want to run through a brick wall after hearing all that?

I’m surprised they hang 100 points on them…

Just listen for yourself:

With the win, Kirby Smart joins Nick Saban and Dabo Swinney among active coaches with more than one National Championship title.

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