Eric Church Teases Another Cryptic Video, Featuring Parker McCollum & Cody Johnson… Could It Be Red Rocks?

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What in the world is Eric Church cooking up?

Chief has been teasing what appears to be something big in the works.

It all started on Sunday, when he dropped a teaser video to social media, featuring radio static and the faint playing of songs like Jelly Roll’s “Son of a Sinner,” Ashley McBryde’s “Bonfire at Tina’s,” Cody Jinks’ “Must Be the Whiskey,” and his own song, “Springsteen.”

And yesterday, he released another with songs like Lainey Wilson’s “Heart Like A Truck,” Travis Tritt’s “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive,” Whiskey Myers’ “Stone,” and his own song “Heart On Fire.”

Each teaser also features the date:


On top of all this, Church also blacked out his profile pictures on social media.

There’s fan speculation that he may be teasing a surprise feature album, considering the broad variety of artists in each video… but that doesn’t seem very likely.

Others are speculating that it simply could be a promotion for his Sirius XM radio station, Outsiders Radio, and he’s just listing the artists that’ll be featured on the channel. Of course, this speculation stems from the radio static and dials in each teaser, so it’s a solid theory, but would be a lot of hype for just a radio station.

And today, Church is back at it again with yet another teaser, and it could be the most telling of them all.

This time, the video kicks off with Parker McCollum’s “Pretty Heart,” and maybe another tiny clip of one of McCollum’s latest singles, “Handle On You.” There also appears to be a tiny clip of Cody Johnson singing as well, but with the radio static it’s kind of hard to tell.

But, perhaps the most telling part of the video is at the end, when you can hear Church say:

“I still remember my first amphitheater concert, I was 16-years-old.”

Amphitheater concert? Could Church be teasing a run of concerts at Red Rocks, or another notable amphitheater in America, featuring all of the artists played in the teaser? Maybe a few more stadium shows?

Man, I just don’t know…

But the good news is we’re less than a day away from the big announcement, so buckle up ’til then.

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