After Retirement News, JJ Watt Says Rookie LB Facetimed Him “High Off His A**” After Getting His Wisdom Teeth Out

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Incase ya missed it, one of the greatest defensive ends in NFL history, and future first ballot Hall of Famer, JJ Watt announced on Tuesday that this will be his last season in the NFL.

He shared in a tweet:

“Koa’s first ever NFL game.

My last ever NFL home game.

My heart is filled with nothing but love and gratitude. It’s been an absolute honor and a pleasure.”

It’s been one heck of a ride for the former Houston Texans, and current Arizona Cardinals defensive end, going from a no name walk-on at the University of Wisconsin, to becoming one of the best defensive players the league has ever seen.

With that being said, he recently sat down for a press conference to discuss his retirement from the NFL.

However, the highlight of the whole conference was when he shared this hilarious story of one of his teammates calling him after his announcement, zooted out of his mind.

He recalled:

“I’ll tell you the best story, this is by far the best hands down without a question. So I posted the tweet yesterday, and I kind of just put my phone down because I didn’t want it to be crazy, but I’m scrolling through, and there’s this number that I don’t recognize Facetimes me.

It’s like alright I’m not gonna answer a Facetime from a number I don’t know. So I let it go to voicemail, and then I get a text from that number, and it’s a voice memo. I’m like ‘Who is this number?’

So I play the voice memo, I wish I could play it so bad, I’m gonna ask him later, I don’t want to right now, and it is like incoherent. Complete incoherence, and it’s, I’m like ‘What the hell is this?’ And I literally thought it was distorted from the phone.

So, 10 seconds later a picture comes through, and it’s Jesse Luketa, our rookie linebacker, and he has like cotton balls on the inside of both, he just got his wisdom teeth out. He’s high off his ass, and has no clue what he’s doing, and he’s saying like in the message, ‘Hey JJ, I just heard you’re retiring, and I just wanna signed jersey at the end of the season.”

Plenty of us have been there before.

You walk into the oral surgeon’s room, sit down in the chair, and next thing you know you wake up on your couch with cotton balls inside your mouth and frozen peas pressed against your face, and you realize you sent some of the most embarrassing text messages you’ve ever sent in your life while you were high off your arse.

Nevertheless, this is one ol’ Luketa will never live down.

But hey… got him a jersey:

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