Carrie Underwood’s Duet Of “Little Drummer Boy” With Her 5-Year-Old Son Is Guaranteed To Melt Your Heart

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Carrie Underwood’s “Little Drummer Boy” rendition featured her five-year-old son, and it’s absolutely to die for.

Back in 2020, when the world was all masks and quarantines, Carrie kept us all in the holiday spirit when she dropped her Christmas album, My Gift. She took her time picking out some of her all-time favorite Christmas classics to revive, but her selection of “Little Drummer Boy” was extra special.

The spiritually-tinged Christmas song is a narrative of a small boy who desires to give a Christmas gift to Jesus, but worries that he’s too poor to have anything worthwhile to offer. He decides instead to play his drum.

The song is most definitely a sentimental one, and in an interview with CMT, Carrie shared her thoughts on including the song on her Christmas album:

“‘Little Drummer Boy’ to me is one of the most underrated Christmas songs. I started listening to the lyrics and really diving in, and the story of it is just so sweet and real… [the boy] wants to play his drum for Jesus.

That’s what kids do, they give you what they have or the things they work on, or the pictures they draw, or the songs they sing.”

Carrie went on to share that this song, in particular, helped her decide on the name of her My Gift album, as she continued to consider the Drummer Boy in the song and the gift he gave by using his talents.

It’s easy to see why this song would make Carrie think of her own small sons who were both below the age of six at the time of the recording.

And ultimately, she felt inspired to include her oldest son, Isaiah, on the track with her as the voice of the Drummer Boy, who speaks aloud during the song’s bridge:

“I sang the whole thing myself first and then I was like, I kinda have this crazy idea, what if it’s kind of a duet with my son? And I had the parts mapped out in my head.

I asked him if he would wanna come sing on it with me… and that was really a gift for me.”

After hearing the demo for the first time, Carrie said she laughed, and she cried before heading home to let her son hear it as well.

“I told him and my husband, ‘let’s go out to the car,’ because that’s where I always listen to things that I record… He was so proud of himself and loved our reactions!

It’s exciting to think that twenty years from now… we could become part of people’s special time of year.”

The song adds the cutest dose of creativity to this classic, and it’s an easy favorite from Carrie’s superbly presented Christmas album.

And if you skip ahead to the one-minute mark, you’ll understand why this country superstar and mama cried when she heard little Isaiah’s voice on the track for the first time.

And the studio version:

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