Florida Firefighters Rescue Bald Eagle Impaled On Top Of A 120-Foot Radio Tower

Bald Eagle

Yep, this isn’t what you’d expect to see walking out of recess after learning your multiplication tables in elementary school.

According to FOX 13 News, an eagle was seen stuck and impaled by a lightning rod atop a 120-foot radio tower above an elementary school in MacClenny, Florida.

The MacClenny Fire Rescue Department was called to the scene to help out the distressed eagle.

Once they arrived, they used a 100 foot tower they brought with them, and and engineer got out of the bucket of the ladder, and hooked himself to the radio tower to make his way 20 feet further to the eagle.

Once he got to the top, he was able to free the bird from its impalement.

The eagle swooped down, and was captured by the wildlife rescuers who were sitting below.

The MFRD wrote in a social media post:

“MFRD got an interesting call earlier today. Crews were called to assist an eagle that had been impaled by the lightening rod on top of a 120ft radio tower at St. George elementary. The crews already on scene contacted the appropriate wildlife authorities and it was determined someone would need to advance up the 120 feet.

Lt. Williams and ENG castle, loaded up in our 100ft tower and headed off to ST. George. Upon arrival an eagle was found atop in obvious distress. Crews had to gain access to the area by cutting a fence and then up they went 100ft up in the tower(our max).

From there, engineer castle exited the bucket of the ladder and with the proper safety equipment hooked into the tower advancing the remaining 20ft. The engineer was able to free the bird of its impalement.

It soared down where it was captured by wildlife rescuers. Great job fellas. We are extremely proud of you and what a call. To be up close to America’s symbol of freedom, what a memory!”

Unfortunately, the fire department shared an update that the eagle wasn’t able to survive, despite the heroic efforts of the fire department and wildlife rescue team:

“We are saddened to report that despite the efforts to save the eagle on Thursday, he succumbed to his injuries yesterday!”

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