Twitter Roasts Nick Saban After He Begs For An Alabama Playoff Spot During Big Ten Championship

Nick Saban

It’s no secret that Nick Saban has arguably the greatest college football dynasty in the history of the sport.

The guy has won six National Championships for the Alabama Crimson Tide, and has made the College Football Playoff nearly every year since it came to existence in 2014.

However, ‘Bama has had a bit of a down year this season for their standards, going 10-2.

Needless to say, it looked like their College Football Playoff hopes were shot this season, until chaos broke out in the college football world over the past few weeks, giving ‘Bama a sliver of hope to get in.

With that being said, Saban made a bizarre surprise video appearance in the middle of the Big Ten Conference Championship game between Michigan and Purdue.

Of course, it’s incredibly odd considering he coaches in the SEC and not the Big Ten.

And the more bizarre part?

He pretty much spent the whole time vouching for why Alabama should be in the playoffs, saying:

“Well, I think the whole goal is to get the best teams in. What I would say to the committee or anyone else is if we played any of the teams that are on the edge of getting in, would we be the underdog, or would we be the favorite?

I think if you could answer that question and the goal is to get the best teams in, then you would say they belong in there. We lost 2 games on the road in a tough league to 2 top-10 teams, one top-5 team on the last play of the game.

We had our opportunities. We weren’t 100%, Bryce Young wasn’t 100%, he was injured in the mid-part of the season.”

You already know that there’s always been rumors that Alabama get favorable treatment in the college football world, and this definitely doesn’t help their case.

And of course, Twitter wasn’t too happy about it either:

Of course, Nick’s pitch failed and Alabama will be held out of the College Football playoff for only the second time since the College Football playoff began in the 2014-2015 season.

Instead, last year’s champion Georgia will look to defend its title against TCU, Ohio State, and Michigan.

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