World’s Biggest Scumbag Gets Caught Dumping His Sh*t Into A Creek In Big Sur California


People are unbelievable…

We’ve seen several morons come out of the woodwork over this past year, whether it’s in national parks, state parks, or even in their local neighborhoods.

From the three people in one week who got gored and sent to the hospital by bison at Yellowstone National Park, to people jumping the fence and standing off the edge of the Grand Canyon, I genuinely don’t understand what goes through these people’s minds when it comes to wildlife or the great outdoors.

Do they simply lose all self control and forget how to act when they step into nature?

It sure seems like it.

Although this video doesn’t involve any animals directly, I think it’s safe to say we can add this dude to the 2022 Hall of Shame.

In the footage, you can see a guy who rented a cruise America RV for a trip out to Big Sur, California. It’s some of the most scenic stretches of land in the entire country, popular among folks who love to road trip.

And ask any touring musician about shitting on the bus, but it’s pretty obvious that it gets stored up somewhere and needs to be emptied. Truck stops sometimes have them, RV parks and campgrounds sometimes have them, and even some National Parks have designated places to dump your waste.

None of them include a creek…

This assclown is trying to be sneaky by standing behind the RV, and dumping out all of his waste from inside the camper out into Willow Creek.

Of course, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that this can contaminate the water, and cause severe harm to the wildlife living in or by the creek.

The hero videoing calls him out immediately:

“Hey, what the f*ck are you doing? You don’t dump your shit in the f*cking creek dude!

It’s cool, got your license plate, got your stupid face… don’t say you’re sorry, I’m calling the sheriff.”

The guy was obviously trying to be incognito too, judging by the fact he has the shades and mask over his face (or he thinks he’s gonna catch covid out in the woods).

You can tell by his reaction that he knows what he’s doing it wrong, but it’s too late at that point… the damage is done, and you’re officially a world class shitbag (no pun intended).

Check it out:

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