Auburn Fan Pees On Alabama’s Nick Saban Statue, & It’s Officially Rivalry Week In College Football

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It’s officially the best and worst time of year for college football…

Rivalry week.

This marks the week where you absolutely HATE your rival fanbase with hours on end of shit talk, but it also means that college football is coming to an end, which is pretty mind boggling considering the season felt like it started yesterday.

We’ve seen some wild things done during rivalry week, like an Alabama fan poisoning the iconic trees in Toomer’s Corner in Auburn, somebody steal a chunk of the legendary Howard’s Rock in Clemson, spray painted obscenities on a rival team’s field, and so much more.

With that being said, this might be the most blasphemous thing I’ve seen yet…

We all know that it’s our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, then Nick Saban as a close second in the state of Alabama.

Seriously, he’s looked at as less than a god, but more than a man there, and the only fanbase allowed to shit talk the man without getting struck down by a lightning bolt is Bama’s in-state rivals, Auburn.

Needless to say, the two fanbases hate each other so much, that some may prefer rooting on Al-Qaeda instead of the other team if the two played a football game against each other (you think that’s a stretch, but for some it’s really not).

It’s the Iron Bowl baby.

However, this is a wild move right here. Video footage has shown what appears to be a hammered drunk college student taking a piss on the Nick Saban shrine sitting outside of Alabama’s Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Now there’s no telling when this video was taken, but it looks like he has an Auburn hat on. And the dude holding the camera definitely has an Auburn hat on too (the video cuts back to the guy holding the camera at the very last second).

It’s rivalry week, ya gotta love it.

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