Throwback To Ashley McBryde Performing At A Book Store Way Back In 2014

Ashley Mcbryde country music

Blast from the past.

This video from 2014 features a young Ashley McBryde singing an unreleased, and still unreleased, tune titled “You Don’t Choose The Road.”

And with an incredible tune, we also get a side of comedy from McBryde.

“If you hate what you hear, I’m Luke Bryan, and you can country girl shake it for me.”

There are more of those where that came from.

She gives the backstory about how when she wrote this song. She was out on the road for 39 days after expecting only to be gone for 14. She claimed to have word-vomited the tune out as she wrote it and wasn’t sure if it would be good.

“When I came home, I went to my friend and told her, ‘I have to write a song, and it’s not going to be good, and I just need to vomit it at you.'”

For a tune with a lackluster introduction, it’s pretty damn good.

The song feels like a full circle moment to other “Made For This” series on YouTube, as the lyrics highlight that this life isn’t for everyone, but it’s part of being a musician and making sacrifices to do what you love.

You really hear this message hit home when she sings:

For better or worse, richer and for poorer/ I know I said two weeks, it might be a couple more/ But you knew what you signed on for the day you said I do/ You don’t choose the road, the road chooses you.”

I would not be opposed if this song found itself on an album one day.

This video shows how talented McBryde is. No fancy get-ups, just a microphone, a guitar, and a wall with a hell of a lot of writing behind her.

She truly is a star, and I am so glad that country music is loving Ashely McBryde as much as I do.

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