Waffle House Employee Hilariously Carries Annoying Customer Out Of The Restaurant

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Love me some Waffle House.

For those of you who have ate at a Waffle House before, then you know it’s a different experience every time you walk in.

First off, they’re the most culturally diverse restaurants in America, ranging from meth addicts who just stole the catalytic converter off a car to multi-millionaires eating in the same place (unless you go after midnight, then it’s just hammered drunk college students).

So, when you walk into a place like that, then you already know the chances of you running into something interesting are pretty high.

Hell, I walked into the local Waffle House in my hometown one night, and two employees were throwing hands with each other. Another employee broke them up, and they just went right back to work as if nothing even happened.

Wild stuff.

So needless to say, nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to Waffle House. Nevertheless, the place is just a goldmine for entertaining content, just like this video right here.

I genuinely feel bad for Waffle House employees, because I can’t imagine everything they put up with while facing an insane amount of people day in and day out.

And for this Waffle House employee, he wasn’t putting up with the bullshit any longer.

This happened at a Waffle House in Orlando, and in the footage you can see an employee carrying out an obviously annoying customer upside down, and placing her outside.

She looks like one of those annoying drunk college students that come in after a few hours downtown, just judging by the first look.

According to the background on the video, this particular Waffle House was severely understaffed and this particular customer became unruly when the food took too long.

Check it out:

@queenofthethots69 moral of the story: don’t mess with waffle house employees #orlando #florida #orlandoflorida #downtownorlando #wafflehouse #canipleasegetawaffle ♬ original sound – Julianna

Here’s the backstory:

@queenofthethots69 Replying to @jugbandjubilee ♬ original sound – Julianna

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