Carolina Panthers Fan Broke His Foot Celebrating DJ Moore’s 62-Yard Hail Mary Touchdown Catch Yesterday

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Look, we Panthers fans haven’t had much to be excited about this season.

So it’s totally understandable how something like this could happen…

Yesterday afternoon, in the fourth quarter of a game against our divisional rival Atlanta Falcons and a battle for first place in the NFC South (even though we both had losing records going into the game), quarterback PJ Walker threw an unbelievable Hail Mary 62-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver DJ Moore.

I mean, you have to see it for yourself:

With a few seconds left in the game, that tied up the score, but DJ took off his helmet during the celebration and cost the team 15 yards on the PAT.

Personally, I believe it to be a totally bullshit call, because according to the written rule, it’s only a penalty when you’re actually on the field, and he was off well off of it before he removed his helmet.

DJ says it happened as a natural reaction, but knows he should know better as a veteran receiver:

“It was a natural reaction, but you’ve still got to know you can’t do that, especially with the time left on the clock. I had a post, and they started scrambling.

I didn’t see the ball in the air yet and seen him launch it and reaccelerated and just made a play. After that, I just remember the flag and the ref coming up to me.”

Kicker Eddy Pineiro ultimately missed the ensuing extra point kick from 48-yards, as well as one from the 32-yard line that would’ve won the game in overtime, and we ultimately lost the game 37-34 after Falcons kicker Younghoe Koo made a 3-pointer to end it.

It was tough. Really tough.

I could go on and on about why we lost and how we beat ourselves, but I’m sure you’re here to read about this poor fan who broke his foot celebrating the Hail Mary TD catch as opposed to my Monday morning quarterback analysis.

A Carolina Panthers fan from Brazil named Kim Diz actually broke his foot in the excitement of DJ making that insane catch to tie up the game, and the X-ray showed a fracture that will take about seven to nine weeks to recover from:

I can’t say that I wasn’t totally losing it myself, but I mean, that is ROUGH.

And the worst part is, it probably would’ve been worth it if we’d actually won the game…

Get well soon, Kim. It hurts to be a Carolina Panthers fan, in every sense of the phrase.

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