Kevin Costner Set To Work On New Civil War-Era Project With Morgan Freeman

Robin Hood

If you fall into the majority category of Americans who can’t get enough of Kevin Costner, then I have great news for you…

Kevin is set to take on a new project this spring with none other than Morgan Freeman, and the setting is a guaranteed success for Kevin, placing him back in the Dances With Wolves-Civil War era.

Earlier this month, Kevin got fans excited with a social media post featuring a throwback picture of him and Morgan from a 1990s project:

“Excited for another adventure with my friend Morgan Freeman.”

The “adventure” he speaks of will feature the two in a Paramount, six-hour series called The Gray House; Kevin will also serve as an Executive Producer on the project. The Gray House tells the true story of a female spy ring created during the Civil War, in opposition to the Confederate Army.

The series will likely focus on female historical figure Elizabeth Van Lew, who the History Channel has referred to as “the head of an entire espionage network based in Richmond.”

Van Lew was at first a volunteer who provided basic necessities to Union officers who were held in prisons in Richmond, but later became a secret weapon for the Union Army, sending coded messages to officers in invisible ink hidden in hollowed out “home cooked meals.”

General Ulysses S. Grant even credited Van Lew for her work in helping the Union win the Civil War, after having spent all her family’s wealth on espionage activities.

Kevin Costner is clearly a fan of historical roles, and he has produced many successful works in that area, so this is almost guaranteed to be a phenomenal project. In an interview with Deadline, he shared his excitement for the piece:

“[The series] is an untold true story of three amazingly brave abolitionist heroes of the Civil War, who just happened to be women. Having a passion for history, it’s always personally fulfilling to share richly layered stories about America’s unsung heroes.

I’m delighted to join forces with my friends Leslie Greif and Morgan Freeman with whom I’ve had great success to produce this important, epic saga.” 

Developer Leslie Greif compared the upcoming project to the likes of The Offer and The Hatfields and the McCoys series, a further indication of the series’ probable success.

Of course, Costner and Freeman starred together as Robin Hood and Azeem in the 1991 film, Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves.

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