Billy Strings Drops Hilarious Animated Music Video For Unreleased Life-Lesson Tune, “Catch & Release”

Billy Strings country music

Ya gotta love a good ol’ life lesson-filled pickin’ and grinnin’ song.

And even better than that? A good ol’ life lesson-filled pickin’ and grinnin’ song from the great Billy Strings.

Earlier this week, the quick rising bluegrass legend announced his new album in the works, titled Me/And/Dad, slated to drop on November 18th.

It’s a collaborative album with his father, Terry Barber, who was a pretty accomplished amateur bluegrass player in his own right back in the day, and they released two lead singles for the album.

Both are covers, with the traditional bluegrass hit “Long Journey Home,” and George Jones’ “Life To Go.”

The album features a ton of bluegrass and country music covers, and needless to say, it’s gonna be interesting to see what kind of unique spin on the traditional songs he and Barber are cooking up.

That’s great news within itself, but today, Strings released a music video for his original unreleased song, titled “Catch & Release.”

The song is about a fishing trip he went on with his buddy Vince Herman in Tennessee back in 2020, and how they were smokin’ a little devil’s lettuce on the way up, when they got pulled over by a Tennessee highway patrolman.

He smelled the weed immediately, and took it from them, and asked Strings to get out of the car to conduct a field sobriety test.

However, things took a turn for the better when the highway patrolman let him go.

The story is hilariously depicted in cartoon fashion, and at the end of the video, the patrolman is smoking from their pipe after they take off, and Strings compares that to a “Catch & Release.”

Check it out:

But speaking of the new album, checkout the full track list below:

1. Long Journey Home (bluegrass traditional)
2. Life To Go (written by George Jones)
3. Way Downtown (written by Doc Watson)
4. Little Blossom (written by Hank Thompson)
5. Peartree (written by Arthel Lane “Doc” Watson, Gaither Carlton)
6. Stone Walls and Steel Bars (written by Ray Pennington, Roy Eugene Marcum)
7. Little White Church (written by Eugene Wellman)
8. Dig A Little Deeper (In The Well) (written by Jody Emerson, Roger Bowling)
9. Wandering Boy (written by A.P. Carter)
10. John Deere Tractor (written by Lawrence Hammond)
11. Frosty Morn (bluegrass traditional)
12. I Haven’t Seen Mary In Years (written by Damon Black)
13. Little Cabin Home On The Hill (written by Lester Flatt, Bill Monroe)
14. Heard My Mother Weeping (written by Carl Story, Lowell Blanchard)

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