Mom Encourages Her Young Daughter To Approach A Moose In Rocky Mountain National Park


Oh my, it just don’t stop.

These people… they need to be smarter because I’m almost tired of seeing it. These videos aren’t even funny anymore, especially when that’s an innocent kid an adult is allowing and probably encouraging to enter into the most dangerous situation that any person can in the woods.

Cow moose are literally one of the most dangerous things you can encounter in the woods. Their shape and size allow them to kick like nothing else. Cows get very protective of their young and there is no sense in even coming close to one on purpose.

Yes, they’re cool to see. I will go looking for moose any day of the week. But, we need to try to stay safe and keep a good distance away from them.

Moose don’t have the best eye sight and often times are curious about humans, but its not worth the risk of the thing having a calf nearby (that you can’t see) and kicking the shit out of you.

These poor folks are seen in Rocky Mountain National Park on the side of a road.

A family got out to look at a cow moose as one of the kids decides to try and creep closer. The worst of it is, mom is seen taking pictures as she does it… just ready to capture the impending attack.

It’ll be great to show the footage to the game warden when the moose sends your daughter to the hospital. Hopefully they won’t have to euthanize the moose because you proved it was your own fault?

Thankfully though, nothing happened but c’mon people… let’s do better.

These parks may host many wildlife species but that does not make them a zoo.

And maybe instead of going viral, tell the person to get away? I’m well aware that my job is too share funny viral videos, so I’m conflicted, but maybe a quick word of caution… she is a kid…

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