Washington DC Area Restaurant Under Fire For Introducing 9/11 Themed “Patriotic Seafood Sunday” Menu


The 21st anniversary of the September 11th Terrorist Attacks on the United States is coming up this Sunday.

While I was too young to remember specific details about the day, there’s no denying the impact this event had and continues to have with rebounding effects on the way Americans think and live their lives. No doubt, it’s one of the worst days in American history.

Most choose to remember this tragic day by flying a flag, posting a picture, wearing a Red, White and Blue shirt from Old Navy, you know, they typical American ways to show support.

Well, a restaurant outside of Washington, DC decided to introduce a 9/11 themed specials menu, and some of the public was less than pleased.

The Clubhouse at Aquia Harbour in Stafford, Virginia put up a “Seafood Sunday” menu, featuring delicacies such as Pentagon Pie, Flight 93 Redirect, Rember-tini, and the Never Forget Sampler.

The public, naturally, had some things to say…

Some people did point out that pretty much every company, including Hooters, did something at least near the same vein as this back in the aftermath of the tragedy and that it wasn’t meant to be offensive.

The menu was removed, and the restaurant manager did respond via a post on Facebook, saying he was sorry for offending people with the 9/11 Seafood Sunday post, and that his intention was to give attention to the anniversary and those who lost their lives because of it.

Now, I think it’s obvious this could have been avoided, or at least done better, but do I think it’s the worst thing ever? No, I don’t. But with something as horrific as September 11th, I fully understand why people would be very unhappy at a decision like this.

Either way, 9/11 Seafood Sunday is no more, at least not at the Clubhouse at Aquia Harbour.

Take it away, Toby.

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