Morgan Wade Teases New Song, “Before Us”

Morgan Wade country music

Morgan Wade is not giving us any room to breath after releasing her Acoustic Sessions EP.

I am honestly still recovering from the three new songs on there (especially “Flower”), so when I opened Instagram, I was not expecting to see a snippet of a brand new song.

But as Zach Bryan says… songwriters write songs.

I can already tell “Before Us” has the potential to be a brand-new favorite of mine.

Morgan Wade is not afraid to get dark, twisty, and emotional on songs like “The Night” or “Northern Air,” but I believe her love songs are where she truly shines.

Wade is a master at getting complicated when singing about love. Songs like “Mend” and “Take Me Away” show how having someone to love can give us that last boost to try to grow or get better.

Love, as cheesy as it sounds, can be something very powerful.

And in this (way too short) snippet, Wade seems to be playing into that concept, asking if there was life before her and this other person were (I’m guessing) together.

Of course, this simple concept is complicated by Wade mentioning how one day she’ll return to dust. Life, death, and love are being mixed together.

I’m already so invested, and I need this song yesterday.

I could sit here and dissect these like five lines literally for hours, but I guess I will spare everyone of that.

(Even though my brain has decided to completely hyperfixate on these lyrics and this song. Seriously. It’s full conspiracy central in my head.)

Unfortunately, there’s no date for the release of this song yet, but if you have been craving new Morgan Wade since Kip Moore’s new song, hopefully you won’t have to wait too long.

Morgan was also recently featured in the music video for Kip Moore’s new song, “If I Was Your Lover.”

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