Is Bud Light Lime The Most Underrated Concert Beer?

Bud Light Lime

Concert season is in full swing, which means most of us have already been to, or plan on going to, a show before the summer is over.

Now, we make a lot of jokes about being so ready for the overpriced concert beer, but we never really say which beer that will be. There’s the obvious classics (Miller, Coors, Bud), some people get fancy with Mang-o-rita’s, others even go top shelf (relatively speaking) and get Landshark or Corona.

But I know a secret that most have, but few want to admit…

When the sun is hot, you’ve been parking lot drinking all day, made the seemingly endless walk from the lot to the venue, wait in line, got patted down, pushed through the crowd, lost a friend, found them in the bathroom, finally got to a good spot and you hear the beer guy coming around yelling “Ice Cold Beer! Getcha Ice-Cold Beer Here,” in your head you’re hoping he has one beer and one beer only: Bud Light Lime. 

Already, a few purists have closed the website, cursed my name and vowed to hate me forever for suggesting they might want Bud Light Lime, but hear me out.

You’ve been drinking plain beer all day, you’ve probably taken a few shots of something your friend brought in a water bottle. Speaking of water, what’s that? Never heard of her.

The only things you’ve tasted in hours are slightly warm beer, warmer liquor and a few french-fries you stole from that person you only kinda know’s chicken tender basket. You’re craving some flavor, but an 8% Mang-o-rita will put you over the edge. There’s only one choice. One magical choice.

Bud Light Lime.

Light? Check. Tastes like beer? Check. Flavored? Check. Not too sweet? Check.

I mean, come ON. This is the beer for concert lawns, it’s practically been designed to fit the exact craving. The only reason you would deny this is if you’re trying to be tough, and to that I say, come on man… Enjoy yourself.

A $15 Bud Light Lime 24oz can is the best beer to buy a hundred of at any concert. If you disagree, that’s fine, you’re entitled to your wrong opinion, this is America after all.

But deep inside, you know I’m right, and when that guy walks over carrying his bucket of ice-cold tallboys, I guarantee that green can will be looking awfully good…

And then there is “Bud Light Blue,” but that’s a whole nother conversation…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock